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It may seem weird to celebrate National Taco Day at Taco Bell, but there is a really good reason why you should head to the bell for this special food day. 04/10/2019 · Jack in the Box: You can get two free tacos with any order today, if you sign up to get the restaurant chain’s deals and coupons via e-mail. Taco Bell: Live más with the National Taco Day Gift Set, which the chain has brought back this year. The $5 edible bonanza, available today only, features two crunchy tacos and two Doritos Locos Tacos.

04/10/2019 · Taco Bell — Taco Bell is giving National Taco Day the respect it deserves. For just $5, you can send a Taco Bell digital taco gift consisting of a coupon for two Crunchy Tacos and two Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos. Or — and hear us out — you can just get the gift set for yourself. Either way, that’s four tacos for just $5. Taco Bell has already been running ads for this special National Taco Day promotion, telling the tale of Glen and the Magic Taco El Cruncho, who appears to let everyone know of their special. 25/09/2017 · Taco Bell serves made to order and customizable tacos, burritos, and specialties such as the exclusive Doritos® Locos Tacos and lower calorie Fresco Menu. The company encourages customers to "Live Más," both through its food and in ways such as its Feed The Beat® music program and its nonprofit organization, the Taco Bell.

04/10/2019 · Taco Bell. On Friday, patrons of Taco Bell can enjoy a special National Taco Day Gift Set. For only five dollars, customers get two Crunchy Tacos and two nacho cheese Doritos Locos Tacos. The offer will be available at participating locations and Taco Bell noted that prices could vary by store. On the Border. For those who just can't ever get.</plaintext> 04/10/2019 · Here is a list of some of the specials we have found to celebrate National Taco Day on October 4, 2019. These deals are valid on National Taco Day only unless otherwise stated. October 4, 2019 – National Taco Day Deals Taco Bell National Taco Week at Taco.</p> <p>Taco Deals for National Taco Day. Taco Bell The deal: The ubiquitous Mexican-inspired fast-food chain is offering a special taco gift box-- dubbed the National Taco Day $5 Gift Set - 01/10/2019 · As such, on National Taco Day, you’re encouraged to feast upon all the taco deals offered by restaurants around the country or to host your own taco night at home complete with DIY salsa and guacamole. Check back closer to October 4 for more deals to be revealed! National Taco Day Deals and Freebies for 2019. Chronic Tacos. Taco Bell Facebook Wednesday is National Taco Day — and that means taco deals across the US. On October 4, chains from Taco Bell to On The Border are celebrating the holiday by giving away free and cheap tacos. Here's where to get the best deals.</p> <p>02/10/2018 · Taco Bell: Taco Bell is asking customers to give someone “the magical gift of tacos” this National Taco Day. Available October 4 only, the restaurants are selling four tacos for $5. This special “gift set” includes their Crunchy Taco, Fiery, Cool Ranch, and Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos. 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