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Fable Heroes Review - GameSpot.

30/04/2012 · Fable Heroes - review Mini-avventura, mini-divertimento! Daniele. A quel punto Fable Heroes diventa decisamente più divertente e meno noioso e la gara a chi raccoglie più oro è solo una delle conseguenze dell'aver attivato più di un pad contemporaneamente. Metacritic Game Reviews, Fable Heroes for Xbox 360, Fable Heroes is an action-packed, hack-and-slash adventure built for Xbox LIVE Arcade. It delivers a fresh spin on the "Fable". 02/05/2012 · As a cartoonish brawler centered on four-person hijinks, Fable Heroes resembles the chaotically entertaining Castle Crashers. Unfortunately, Fable Heroes never comes close to reaching the highs of that downloadable juggernaut, and even in its best moments it feels like it's three steps behind. 01/05/2012 · Fable Heroes has a big-deal developer taking a chance on something that should be a sure-fire hit. By putting more Fable heart than good-game soul into its work, however, Lionhead compromised its experiment. The.

02/05/2012 · When you have a universe as successful as Fable’s, it's inevitable that spin-off titles will eventually emerge. Enter Fable Heroes, a game that takes the series’ enemies and locations and transforms them into a cel-shaded, lighthearted beat-'em-up. The possibilities seem exciting and rich on. 30/04/2012 · Yet here is Fable Heroes, a four-player brawler spawned from Lionhead's annual Creative Day an event that, in typical Lionhead fashion, actually lasts 48 hours. The idea is pretty straightforward: you and up to three chums - playing as Fable's hero dolls dressed up as familiar characters - romp around a puppet-theatre take on Albion.

Fable Heroes Review. Created by a small team of developers at Lionhead Studios, Fable Heroes looks to throw its hat in the ring alongside other cute side-scrolling brawlers. But does the XBLA exclusive have what it takes to compete with the likes of games such as Castle Crashers? 03/05/2012 · Fable Heroes Review Reviewed on Microsoft Xbox 360 0 minute read. Posted by Andrew Phillips Published. As dated as brawlers appear to be these days there is surely still a place for them in our hearts, bashing baddies over the head repeatedly can still be fun if it’s executed well - especially as we now have ‘cheaper than retail. 02/05/2012 · Find more videogame reviews, previews, and trailers on The Escapist Magazine,. Fable Heroes Review Escapist. Loading. Unsubscribe from Escapist? Cancel Unsubscribe. Fable Heroes - Longplay 2 Player Co-op Jack of Blades/Hero All Levels Walkthrough.

Fable Heroes Review - IGN.

01/05/2012 · Lionhead has crammed all the charm and style of Fable into the puppets of Fable Heroes – but the end results feel wooden. I understand the idea's appeal. Seeing characters like the Jack of Blades recreated as puppets and tearing through cutesy, padded versions of Fable landmarks like Bowerstone. A game with great local and online multiplayer, two versions of the main game and a fun and unique upgrade system, Fable Heroes does a great job of keeping you entertained, whether you are young or old. Just a word to the wise, make sure you play the end credits, the boss battle is awesome. Review copy of game provided by publisher. [tab. 30/04/2012 · Fable Heroes, like so many others this generation, aims to recapture yesteryear's idea of entertainment. And, like so many others this generation, it fails to do so because it lacks the ambition to do anything with a genre that's remained mostly unchanged for decades. 06/05/2012 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. 03/05/2012 · In a way, Fable Heroes is everything you might expect it to be: a cheerful cartoon hack-and-slash action game that uses favourite Fable characters and settings, and with the emphasis on simple, family-friendly fun. With its bright and breezy cel-shaded graphics it looks a bit like Legend of Zelda.

02/05/2012 · Enter Fable Heroes, a game that takes the series’ enemies and locations and transforms them into a cel-shaded, lighthearted beat-'em-up. The possibilities seem exciting and rich on paper, and yet it’s anything but. Fable Heroes' greatest flaw is that it can't overcome its issues to be anything more than a bland experience. 02/05/2012 · Fable Heroes is a fresh spin on the beloved Fable franchise in which up to four players play both cooperatively and competitively in this hack-and-slash adventure. Work together as heroes of Albion to defeat familiar foes and new enemies while collecting as many gold coins as possible to unlock. Fable franchise manager, who calls himself a Pokemon Master, leaves Lionhead. Ted Timmins leaves Microsoft-owned studio; "This was a really tough decision," he says; he worked on Fable 1-3, as well as Fable: Heroes, Fable: The Journey, and Fable: Anniversary. Prior to the release of Fable II, Carbonated Games under the supervision of Lionhead Studios released Fable II Pub Games, an Xbox Live Arcade title that was made up of three pub game-styled minigames. While the game didn’t contain much in the way of depth, players were able to accumulate.

02/05/2012 · Fable Heroes is an XBOX Live Arcade title that retails for 800 Microsoft Points. So is it worth it? Not at that price it isn't, but I got it on sale for 400 Microsoft Points earlier in the year and decided to take it for. What Fable Heroes does offer though, is a good degree of competitive fun, the odd moment of hilarity, and a game that celebrates the franchise in a way that’s suitable for all the family to enjoy. So if you’re looking for something that ticks all those boxes then Fable Heroes is undoubtedly worth the coin. 30/04/2012 · 'Fable Heroes' ditches the complex decisions and varied combat in favor of a family-friendly, board game-esque downloadable title. Read our review to find out if it pays off.

Not sure if I’m the only one who thinks this, but Fable Heroes is straight proof that LionHead looks to cash out on the Fable franchise. In what otherwise has only a little to compare with its big brother titles, Fable Heroes delivers itself as a slightly above average. 02/05/2012 · Fable Heroes, a spin-off in the renowned Fable franchise, is definitely worth playing for the Fable fans in their wait for the still unannounced Fable IV. Compare it to a nice piece of music you listen to while waiting for help at customer service. With a high replay value, for 800 Microsoft Points, Fable Heroes is certainly worth your money. 30/04/2012 · Fable 2 had Pub Games on XBLA, Fable 3 had Coin Golf on WP7 and Fable: The Journey has Fable Heroes. However Fable Heroes is different than its predecessors as its actually a lot of fun to play and works well as a stand alone game.

Fable Heroes Review

30/04/2012 · Fable Heroes is a side-scrolling hack-and-slash from Lionhead Studios that aims to hit the sweet spot of being fun for the whole family. This is no easy task, but is Fable Heroes up to the challenge? It’s hero or zero time for this Xbox LIVE Arcade title. Fable Heroes forgoes any attempt at. 06/05/2012 · Fable Heroes is part hack n’ slash, part RPG, part Mario-party. It is quite an interesting mix to say the least. There is no particular story to talk about as your main goal is to make it through all the various levels offered while killing enemies, opening creates and collecting coins. It is very simple gameplay for sure, almost to simple. Fable Heroes, in a nutshell, is a poor man's Castle Crashers and for most people, there's no reason to buy it when Castle Crashers is right there. The game is ridiculously easy, so anyone who is looking for a CC beat'em up experience just won't be satisfied with what the game has to offer. 06/05/2012 · Fable first came into our lives way back in 2004. It brought with it some refreshing and innovative ideas on how to pump some vigour into the veins of the age old RPG genre, it also sadly never quite managed to deliver the experience you felt the developers so badly wanted it to. The originalContinue reading Fable Heroes Review →. Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB Fable Heroes is a fresh spin on the beloved Fable franchise in which up to four players play both cooperatively and competitively in.

30/04/2012 · Fable Heroes wants to be fun. This beaming downloadable game effortlessly coos for your attention, as patchwork player puppets spring amusingly around a hobbycraft recreation of Fable's signature outposts. It's a sort of quaint British joy; a mythical Albion. 04/05/2012 · Being skeptical of anything that bears the Fable name, you can imagine my weariness of going into Fable Heroes. It's not that I didn't enjoy previous Fable games, it's that I was one of the many that fell victim to the many promises of what each subsequent Fable game will be. That said, I went into. Fable Heroes is a beat 'em up video game in the Fable series, developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Studios for Xbox 360. It was announced at the 2012 Xbox Spring Showcase, with a debut trailer. It was released on 2 May 2012 as part of the 2012 Xbox Live Arcade Next Promotion.

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